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Management 4 U AS (M4U) is a locally owned consultancy- and recruitment agency in Stavanger. Management 4 U was founded in 2015. We deliver economists to large and small companies, in public and private sector, for permanent and temporary positions. Our portfolio consists of top managers, middle managers, subject specialists, employees and recent graduates

We are specialized within economics, accounting, auditing and finance.

Management 4 U's advisors consists of certified recruiters and experienced economists. We have clients within most industries and focus on quality in our deliveries.

We are passionate about our area of specialization and have extensive knowledge of the competencies and skills needed in economics, finance, and accounting departments.

Do you need an economist who knows the drivers of your business, one who can step in on short notice or one who can challenge and execute changes in your finance department?

Chances are that we have the right competencies available. Management 4 U has a vast network of candidates.

M4U Gaselle 2020

In 2020 Management 4 U was named one of the "Gasellene" in Rogaland by Dagens Næringsliv!


Aina Skailand


Aina Skailand er utdannet ved Universitetet i Stavanger, avd Norsk Hotellhøgskole. Hun har 10 års erfaring innen rekruttering- og konsulentutleie innen økonomi, regnskap og finans. Hun har et bredt nettverk av økonomer og ledere. Aina er DNV GL sertifisert rekrutterer. Hun er også sertifisert innenfor DNV GL sertifiserte test og analyseverktøy som brukes innen rekruttering og utvelgelse.

Kine Gundersen


Kine Gundersen er rådgiver hos M4U og statsautorisert revisor. Kine bringer med seg lang erfaring som revisor fra EY og Erga Revisjon AS. Hun har i sine tidligere roller jobbet med både store og små kunder og har bred kompetanse innen flere bransjer. Kine gleder seg til å bli godt kjent med våre kunder, konsulenter og kandidatnettverk og bringer med seg et stort nettverk.

Marie R. Sirevaag

Consultant manager

Marie R. Sirevaag er utdannet innen økonomi og administrasjon fra Universitetet i Stavanger og har en master i internasjonal business fra Brunel University London. I tillegg har hun ett år med rettsvitenskap fra Universitetet i Bergen. Marie har bakgrunn som HR Rådgiver i M4U og Petoro AS. Hun er nå tilbake hos M4U som konsulentansvarlig.


In Management 4 U we are focused on delivering professional services to both client and candidates in all aspects of our services.


We behave ethically

We treat our clients, candidates, and collaborators properly. We think long term and wish to contribute to good working conditions for all parties.

We will be clear and unambiguous

We will see, hear, and understand when we cooperate with our clients and candidates.This will help us be clear and unambiguous and maintain a good dialog with you as a client or candidate.

We are competent

Our team consists of highly educated economists and leaders, with experience from different industries, in order to contribute to the complexity of tasks our clients present.

Our focus is on results

Management 4 U want both you as a candidate, and our clients to succeed. Together we ensure a good result!

MANAGEMENT 4 U is an audited employer

An audited employer is a temp-agency who is a member of the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade (NHO Service og Handel), and who has complied to an external auditing of it's professionality as an employer. 

Audited Employer documents the temp-agency’s professionality as an employer through auditing of the following areas: employment contracts, assessment of risk at the place of outplacement of consultants, defined responsibility for HSE, working hours, salary, overtime payment, duty to pay wages at the end of an assignment, sick-pay, follow-up of long-term sick leave, and employment protection.

This audit takes place every two years, last time in October of 2021.

Read more about the certification here:  NHO sin Service og Handel sertifiseringen

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Management 4 U is focused on consuming our joint resources in a sustainable fashion both today and for future generations.

We enjoy contributing locally, where we are able to make a difference for people, and have for several years partnered with Kirkens Bymisjon/The Church City Mission in Stavanger.


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